Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Family Review

I think it is pretty obvious that I am not very good at keeping a blog. In fact, I am terrible. My mom is always suggesting I work on it so this year I am really going to try and keep up from month to month (maybe more). I guess maybe I feel like our lives are relatively boring and wonder if anyone really reads or cares but in the end it should be more for me to keep track of our memories. This year I will make an effort to keep up the blog! To start I will do a review of our year :) 


Our 2015 Family Review: 

Eric: Finished his Junior year at Byu-Idaho. He managed a 4.0 this fall semester during a very difficult semester and we are so proud of his accomplishment. He does a pretty good job and balancing family life and school but I can say it's definitely nice when he is on break from school. Eric completed his internship with Forsgren Engineering here in Rexburg this last summer. He really enjoyed working for Forsgren and plans to work there again this summer. 

Eric working on the Teton County landfill rehabilitation project
Michelle: I have been busy this year working my makeup + hair business and it has been wonderful. There were times when I had several clients a week and it kept me very busy. I know I can keep getting busier if I want but at this time I like a more relaxed pace. I have spent the last 19 weeks cooking our little baby and it has been a rough pregnancy yet again. Gestational Diabetes is keeping me on toes as I am taking insulin again. I definitely don't like giving myself shots and am very thankful this isn't something I have to do all the time. 

At a Tim McGraw concert this summer
Kylee: Now a Sophomore in high school and doing very well in her classes. Kylee has started dating and still enjoys hanging out with friends whenever she can. She completed driver ed this year and hopes to get her license in April.  Kylee is challenging herself in her classes choosing classes like Accounting (which she can get college credit for). Kylee is "looking" for a job. Though we think she could be a little more aggressive. We try to motivate her with the idea that working = spending money. She has made it a point to try and get a job this year.

Mid December photo shoot
Alexis: An 8th grader and doing very well in her classes. She got a 4.0 her first trimester and has started hanging out with friends a lot more now. She still loves reading, cats, and chocolate. Alexis is starting driver ed this year (kind of crazy) and is really excited about it. She is saving for a car and we made a deal to match whatever she can save to get her first car... She happens to be a very good with her money and has saved quite a bit (dang it). 

Halloween with friends
  Tristan: He has really worked hard this year as a 6th grader finishing his first trimester with A's and B's. He has several friends in the neighborhood and can be found at someone's house or with friends almost everyday after school. He is still into video games and can't wait to go camping this summer. 

Fishing in California
Davian: Now in 2nd grade and enjoying it for the most part. His favorite subjects are science, recess, and lunch. He has built up quite the Pokemon collection, enjoys video games, and Legos. He too has many friends in our the neighborhood and enjoys hanging out.

At California Adventures
Olivia: This toddler is as busy as ever. She enjoys exploring everything. She enjoys the show "Sofia the First" maybe a little too much. She loves to play with her siblings and loves horses. Eric has a love for horses and so he loves that she loves horses as much as he does. She enjoys pretending her family members are horses and clicks whenever she sees a horse. She has many play horses in her toy collection. She must be a true Stoddard because Stoddard means "keeper of the horses".

15 months old
Baby Girl: We found out just before Christmas that we are having another girl. Michelle is pretty excited for bows and dresses again. We wonder if this one will be another red head or if we will see some blonde hair this time or no hair at all! Guess we won't be evening out the numbers! We have the big 20 week Ultrasound next week and if we get some good pictures we will share them!

Mister Meow: We still have our cat. He has survived the move to the new house and loves having a yard with a lot of mice. He spends most of his days sleeping and most of his nights outside doing what cats do. However, with the weather being so cold lately he is very reluctant to go outside at all.  He has become a little less tolerant of Olivia and her constant need to bother him but is still overall really good with her. He is a great cat and loved by all.

They both like to sleep 

Family Highlights:

We moved  to a yet another house in Rexburg and like it even better than the last. The neighborhood is great for our boys and the ward is a lot more family friendly and less college students and babies.  

First day of school ( don't have any other picture of our new house)
We cashed in our trip to Disneyland that Grandma Smith gave the kids our first Christmas together. We all had so much fun and wish we could go every year. 

Eric & Michelle celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

Most importantly, Eric & Michelle were able to get sealed in the Rexburg Temple with Olivia for time and all eternity.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Past Year

 Our 2014 Family Review: 

Eric: Finished his sophomore year at Byu-Idaho. He is majoring in Civil Engineering and keeps busy with school work. He will be doing an internship this summer.

Michelle: Stated a new business named "Be Pretty" with a friend do hair and makeup for special events. She has been staying busy with the business and working to build it up. She has been a stay at home mom for a year now. She especially enjoys being home with Olivia and being there when the older kids get home from school. 

Kylee: Freshman in High School. She stays busy hanging out with friends and attending school sporting events. She has been enjoying her first year in seminary.

Alexis: Got straight A's her first trimester of Junior High. She has been babysitting a little and always has her nose in her Kindle.

Tristan: Played baseball this summer and really enjoyed it. He was even the MVP of one of his games after having a few big plays and hitting a home run. He hopes to work on his basketball skills and join a team soon.

Davian: Attending school all day now and enjoying learning. He likes Pokeman card and Legos. Davian is an excellent reader.

Olivia: Born in May and the light of our family. She loves her family and makes everyone smile. She is busy crawling, pulling herself up, and exploring everything.

Family Highlights

We moved  to a new house in Rexburg and like it much better. 

Olivia Marie was born May 3rd @ 5:25. She was 7 lbs 14 oz 21.5 inches

We attended the Smith Family reunion in St. George and took a trip to Nebraska to see Eric's home town.

Eric & Michelle celebrated their 1st anniversary.